Monitoring the system

Basic command line:

pstree Processes and parent-child relationships
top Show top processes
iostat Report CPU statistics and input/output statistics for devices and partitions.
ps -auxw process status
uname -a print system information
cat /proc/version Display Linux kernel version in use.
cat /etc/redhat-release Display Red Hat Linux Release. (also /etc/issue)
uptime Tell how long the system has been running. Also number of users and system’s load average.
w Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
/sbin/lsmod List all currently loaded kernel modules.
Same as cat /proc/modules
/sbin/runlevel Displays the system’s current runlevel.
hostname Displays/changes the system’s node name. (Must also manually change hostname setting in/etc/sysconfig/network. Command will change entry in /etc/hosts)
service Red Hat/Fedora command to display status of system services.
Example: service --status-all
Help: service --help


gnome-system-monitor Operating system monitor and usage graphing.
gkrellm Graphical system monitor. (Additional RPM package: gkrellm)
ps3 3D load meter. Very cool 3-D graphics.
xosview Operating system monitor: load, memory, swap, net, disk, …

List of tools:

Sumber :


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